The AB5U Repeater System is maintained by myself and with the support of my many talented Friends and Family. Currently, we have three, “OPEN”, working 24/7 UHF “Family” repeaters. One machine covers downtown Dallas, Texas and the other two cover the City of Rowlett, Texas. All AB5U repeaters exists for the purpose of providing a, Not-For-Profit, Public Service, by way of enhancing Amateur Radio Communications, benefiting their host locations and neighboring suburbs. A “Wide Area”, “VHF” repeater has been added to the system with a few, new amenities, for the user. If you are a licensed, Radio Amateur, Please feel free to use any and all of the resources provided by the AB5U Repeater System. If you care to assist with financial support of the AB5U Family Repeaters, please use the link below. Thank You for your Time and Resources!

My UHF Dallas, TX. Ham Repeater: AB5U 441.950 MHZ+ 162.2
My UHF Rowlett, TX. Ham Repeater: AB5U 441.325 MHZ+ 162.2
My UHF Garland, TX. Ham Repeater: AB5U 441.950 MHZ+ 110.9
My VHF Rowlett, TX. Ham Repeater: AB5U 147.390 MHZ+ 85.4
Texas R.A.C.E.S. Unit #04-113K
EchoLink Node: 565659