Keeping Your Gadgets Clean

We live in a world where gadgets are everything we want. A lot of gadgets that are available on today’s market are designed to make life easier and allow us to stay in contact with our friends and family without having to be at home to do so. However, in some ways, rather than make it easier; we only get more complications. Especially when it comes to keeping your gadgets clean.

Gadgets Everywhere

Gadgets EverywhereIf you look around you when you go to work or shopping, perhaps even in your own home; everyone seems to have a gadget in hand. Those that don’t have it in their hand at the moment, will still have something close by. It could be a smart watch, a smart phone, video game consoles, laptops, HDTVs, or drones. We live in a world that is overrun by gadgets and gizmos. They are all great devices, but they do bring about problems. Considering you can spend several hundreds of dollars on a new device, you have to take a lot of steps to protect it.

Protecting Gadgets

Protective CaseMost people have a phone case to protect their phone, which is typically in their hand. Many of these cases provide an extra layer of hard plastic that sticks up a tiny bit above the screen. This is to protect it from falls, and exceptionally worried people often add a rubber bumper to give them confidence that their phone will not be damaged by a drop on a hard floor or sidewalk. Some cases are only a few dollars and there are others that can cost you quite a bit, but we all feel that our phone is worth it. Smart watches that shouldn’t get wet are often left at home if we know it is going to rain. Drones that cannot fly during windy conditions or rain are not used during storms. If you have a laptop, you may go crazy if you see someone holding a drink near it because you do not want to take a chance on getting it wet. The downside is, no matter what you do to protect your gadgets, chances are good; they will still get dirty and then you are faced with the problem of having to clean while not using cleaners or water.

Best Ways to Clean Gadgets

Even our car can be a gadget that needs to be cleaned sometimes. They are the easiest to clean since you can use soap and water on them, but we still don’t want them to get dirty. Therefore, we may rely on polishing buffers and microfiber cloths. Our other devices, get finger prints all over them on a daily basis. You will need to use a cleaner that has ammonia or alcohol in it if you want to ensure it doesn’t streak the first time you touch its screen. Microfiber cleaning cloths are still preferred by most people since they do not add lint to the problem. However, when using a cleaner on your screen or laptop keys, you should avoid directly spraying any type of liquid on it. It is best to apply the liquid to a cloth and then wipe away the dirt. Beyond that, a small brush will help you get dust out of those hard to reach areas.