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Keeping Your Gadgets Clean

We live in a world where gadgets are everything we want. A lot of gadgets that are available on today’s market are designed to make life easier and allow us to stay in contact with our friends and family without having to be at home to do so. However, in some ways, rather than make it easier; we only get more complications. Especially when it comes to keeping your gadgets clean.

Gadgets Everywhere

Gadgets EverywhereIf you look around you when you go to work or shopping, perhaps even in your own home; everyone seems to have a gadget in hand. Those that don’t have it in their hand at the moment, will still have something close by. It could be a smart watch, a smart phone, video game consoles, laptops, HDTVs, or drones. We live in a world that is overrun by gadgets and gizmos. They are all great devices, but they do bring about problems. Considering you can spend several hundreds of dollars on a new device, you have to take a lot of steps to protect it.

Protecting Gadgets

Protective CaseMost people have a phone case to protect their phone, which is typically in their hand. Many of these cases provide an extra layer of hard plastic that sticks up a tiny bit above the screen. This is to protect it from falls, and exceptionally worried people often add a rubber bumper to give them confidence that their phone will not be damaged by a drop on a hard floor or sidewalk. Some cases are only a few dollars and there are others that can cost you quite a bit, but we all feel that our phone is worth it. Smart watches that shouldn’t get wet are often left at home if we know it is going to rain. Drones that cannot fly during windy conditions or rain are not used during storms. If you have a laptop, you may go crazy if you see someone holding a drink near it because you do not want to take a chance on getting it wet. The downside is, no matter what you do to protect your gadgets, chances are good; they will still get dirty and then you are faced with the problem of having to clean while not using cleaners or water.

Best Ways to Clean Gadgets

Even our car can be a gadget that needs to be cleaned sometimes. They are the easiest to clean since you can use soap and water on them, but we still don’t want them to get dirty. Therefore, we may rely on polishing buffers and microfiber cloths. Our other devices, get finger prints all over them on a daily basis. You will need to use a cleaner that has ammonia or alcohol in it if you want to ensure it doesn’t streak the first time you touch its screen. Microfiber cleaning cloths are still preferred by most people since they do not add lint to the problem. However, when using a cleaner on your screen or laptop keys, you should avoid directly spraying any type of liquid on it. It is best to apply the liquid to a cloth and then wipe away the dirt. Beyond that, a small brush will help you get dust out of those hard to reach areas.

The Best Portable Power Source

Everyone knows that a HAM radio is designed for use when something major is going on. It may be a natural disaster that takes out traditional stations or any other situation that may affect your community. However, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that your HAM components are only good if you have a power supply available to use during those tough times. For that reason, you should take a look at the available power supply options for your HAM and learn about the pros and cons of each.

Solar Power

Solar power is ideal for many situations. It is a renewable energy source that takes advantage of what is available to it; the sunshine. Depending on the solar power option that you use, you may be able to take a little bit of sun and turn it into hours of power. The downside of solar power is the fact that during severe weather you may not get enough sun light to power a solar panel power supply. There are solar panels that can make use of any type of sunlight, even that which may be somewhat hidden by the clouds, but there are others that require direct sunlight to gain a full charge. You should double check to make sure that you are choosing the right option for your HAM radio if this is the source that you want to use.

Battery Power

When you want power, batteries are an obvious choice. They are great when the power goes out and you need to power up a radio or flashlights. The downside is that batteries lose power. Even those that are designed for a deep discharge can go down. In the event that your main power goes down during a severe storm; do you want to have to worry that you cannot recharge?


Generators are extremely popular when it comes to backup power. Most of them can run off regular gasoline, which is usually easy to find. Others may use natural gas, propane, or diesel, which are harder to find, but promise to last longer and provide more power. A great resource to learn more about generator availability and options is Generator Power Source.  They can generally run for hours at a time on a tank of fuel and they are very dependable in tough times.

Wind Power

Wind generators are great for providing power. The downside is, that you need the wind to produce the power. This can be easy to achieve in severe weather, but as a backup supply of power during calm weather; you may not have the wind that you will need to produce enough power to keep your HAM Radio running. They are best suited for wide open spaces that have a steady wind or in a marine environment where the boat’s power can create wind.


Electricity is a power supply that most HAMs run off of. It is reliable and always available in most cases. However, there are times when it is not reliable. When you have access to power, it is ideal to use, but you should always have a backup supply available for times when heavy rains, high winds, storms, and other things take down power lines.

HAM radios are necessary during troubled times. For that reason, you will always want to have a backup power source. Which one is best for you? Only you will know the one that fits your needs best. The only important thing is, knowing that it has enough power to provide energy to all of your HAMs components.

Outdoor Speakers for Your Radio

In situations where you are dealing with a natural disaster, many people rely on HAM radios. That is why there are often people who set up their HAM radios in an office or in their home. It is a great way for them to tell others what they are seeing where they live. They can talk about the weather or storm conditions that may be going on right now. It is a great way to provide friends and neighbors with information, even when cell phone towers may be ineffective. The thing is, you do not have to keep it in the home. It may be more useful if you have outdoor speakers for your radio so you can use it in other areas.

How HAMs Help

When you look at the purpose behind HAM radios, you will notice that they have been used by people for years. When the power fails or there is a severe weather alert, even the National Weather Service will broadcast over a HAM radio. There are people scattered around the world that also set up a radio in their community to talk about everything going on around them. It may talk about community events, weather issues, local heroes, and much more. Since the main purpose of a HAM radio set up is to talk about the things you see; why would you want to keep it inside? There are new options that allow you to get out into the action.

A New Way to Broadcast HAM

Bug Out Supplies

If you are a HAM radio broadcaster, you need to be out in the world that you are talking about. However, you will also want it to be protected from the elements and in a situation where a disaster is taking place; it may need protection from other things as well. That is why a lot of people are beginning to set up in their bug-out location of choice. They can keep most of their equipment there where it is safe from everything and take the waterproof components out into the world if they need to.

Protecting Your HAM Radio

You can find outdoor speakers that are quality speakers on They provide excellent sound and even heavy rains will not damage them. All other important features of your setup can benefit from waterproof boxes. By leaving the radio in your fallout shelter and having it set up there, you can broadcast in the event that our country ends up in a terrorist attack situation. You will be able to keep in touch with the people that matter most to you and perhaps help them in some way; even if they are in a different shelter. All that is required of them is that they have batteries for a radio and an understanding of what station you are broadcasting from.

If you are a survivalist; why would you want to be without contact during troubled times? When you upgrade your HAM to a waterproof system, you will be ensuring that no matter what is going on, you will be able to continue telling others how to stay safe. Can you think of a reason for not doing it?


Components of a HAM Radio

We live in a big world and often need to share a lot of information with multiple people at one time. Admittedly, you could use your phone to call a friend that you know who cannot keep a secret and let them start the word chain, but it would take time and in some situations, you may not have the time. This is where HAM radios come in. They are able to spread the word to everyone in your local area, quickly. That is why so many are taking another look at them and best of all; you need only a license to broadcast and the right equipment. Do you know the components of a Ham Radio?

What is a Ham Radio?

Radio communications have been a popular way for people to reach out and talk to or share information with other people. Ham radio makes it easier for everyone to take to the airways and broadcast the information that they feel is important to their community. The people who use this type of radio broadcast are amateurs, but this does not mean that their voices are unimportant and luckily there are radio frequencies that are allocated for them to be used.

How Are Ham Radios Made?

A ham radio can be broadcast if you have the license and permission to do so. From there, you can send out messages via your voice or Morse Code. It is done without internet access, cell phones, or other devices. Some people say that you will need an outdoor stereo receiver, but this is not always the case. There are many available receivers and sending units that will let you broadcast the information that is important to you. If you are new to broadcasting, you need a license first. From there, you can search for affordable radio receivers and more.

Why You Should Want a Ham

Ham radios are often associated with important events. For instance, areas that are prone to disaster may have a ham radio available for important weather updates during times when the power is out. They are often used in field applications. The National Weather Service also uses ham radios. They are useful in times of crisis, but can also be used for other reasons. Perhaps you want to start promoting your favorite school sports team or you want to broadcast when something of interest is going on in your area. The only way to do this with ease, quickly, is to use your radio to send out signals that others can hear.

How Are Ham Radios Different from FM/AM Radios?

Really, there is not much difference between ham radios and AM/FM. You can listen to Ham radio stations that are local to your area on AM stations. However, the better your receiver is, the better your selection of information will be. FM stations are usually larger scale, higher-quality broadcasts. From there you have a variety of other types of radios from a satellite radio to internet radio, but mostly it just depends on the type of stuff you feel is worth listening to.

Taking the Sound to The Woods

We live in a world where people enjoy getting out and going into the woods for fun and camping almost as much as they enjoy spending time in their technology-based homes. It is a time when we want to encourage our children to get up off the couch and enjoy the world around them. For that reason, it should not come as a surprise that people are discovering the joy of taking the sound to the woods with them using portable speakers. It is the easiest way to enjoy both worlds and ensures that children enjoy the outing as well, especially if the tunes they love are coming from a four-wheeler.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors by Adding Music

It may seem silly to think that by adding music, the outdoors becomes more fun. However, it is true. That is why so many people have opted to put speakers on their 4 wheelers and their golf carts. Music is relaxing, no matter which type of songs you enjoy. They can turn any event into something that is more fun for everyone. They are ideal for camping trips and any other time you are getting outside. That is why these speakers are designed to be completely portable and most are easy to install.

Features of 4-Wheeler Speakers

Most people have a specific idea of what good four wheeler speakers should be like. First and foremost, people want them to be small and portable. Boss Audio Systems makes one of the most popular ATV and UTV speakers. Beyond that, they like them to be able to handle all types of climate, even rain, and they want them to be able to hold up against vibrations. That is why many portable speakers will mention that they are ideal for ATV and marine usage. Those are two very extreme environments that will test the ability of all speakers. You should consider choosing the most portable and rugged speakers that you can afford. Once you have chosen them, you will have to decide whether you want to connect them permanently to your four-wheeler or if you want them to remain portable enough that you can move them from your four-wheeler and to your golf cart or other

Installing Your ATV Speakers

Most portable speakers are simple to use. All they require is a power supply, which may come from batteries or a direct connection to your ATV battery. If you are connecting to your ATV’s battery, you may want to hook it up so that you can switch off the speaker’s pull when you are not using it. Often this only requires a wire that can be taken off the battery. To install the portable speaker from there, you will need to mount it to an area that is relatively flat. You can permanently mount your speakers using screws or you can zip tie it on a four wheeler on a temporary basis. In the event that you are connecting a speaker to your battery, you may want to run the wire in a way that ensures it will not be dangling while you are riding. Either way, you should always look at the owner’s manual for your four wheeler and the speakers you have chosen to get a better idea of where and how the install should take place.


The Many Types Of Outdoor Speakers

Many people like having music outdoors when they have family get-togethers, backyard barbecues, and pool parties. Even if it doesn’t seem like we spend a lot of time outdoors, most of us do, especially during the warm weather months. Since everyone seems to enjoy music, having an outdoor music system makes sense, but to go along with it, you also need to choose the right speakers. Some people want them to be seen, but most prefer that they are tucked away somewhere. That is why we are here to talk about the many outdoor speaker types available.

In-Ground Speakers

In-ground speaker systems are ideal for people who want to have music in their yard, but not a lot of big boxes scattered around. They are designed to blend in with the area. Most all in-ground speakers are green in color, but they may also be black. Many have a round shaped housing to ensure that rain does not affect their sound quality. You can hide them in bushes and along walkways. You may also choose rock speakers for outdoor areas. This is beneficial for people who may not have a lot of shrubbery, but may have a gravel path or pool area. Regardless of which you choose, there are Bluetooth speakers available and there are also affordable options.

Bluetooth Speakers

No one wants to see wires running rampant in their yard or along their patio. Therefore, there are Bluetooth speakers available and they are ideal for people using both hidden and obvious speaker sets. These speakers may be corner speakers that fit nicely into any corner, but they may also look like traditional speaker sets. There are speakers that can be hidden away behind porch eaves.

Directional Speakers

These speakers are designed in the shape of a cone. They aim the music to an area that you are going to be at to ensure that you can hear it where you are. They are perfect for pool areas when you want to ensure that you can hear the music, but you want them well out of the “splash zone”.

Why Outdoor Speakers Matter?

You may wonder why you specifically need outdoor speakers. You may think that you can use any type of speaker as long as it is sitting on your porch. This is true to some extent, but outdoor speakers are designed to handle the outdoor environment while providing you with a quality sound that you may not expect from outdoor speakers. They have durable housings, waterproof features, and the ability to block out dust. This means that when a blowing rain shower comes up, you do not have to watch out to make sure your speakers are not getting too wet. Their housing will not rot away and they will not become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. These types of speakers are designed to be used in the great outdoors so that you can enjoy your time outdoors just a little more. Doesn’t that make it worth it?

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